well-meaning but inaccurate

August 25, 2010

It really is true what they say:
The squeaky wheel gets the oil.
Keep seeking and you will find.
The early bird gets the worm.

Yes, when it comes to getting what we want, we have to survey the situation, make sure our circumstances allow for the change, make a plan, and do it! No hesitations. Just follow through.

Whether we’re talkin’ bout a fitness goal, a job change, a baby, a new hairdo, re-locating. It doesn’t matter–the process is the same.

And most of us will be surprised to find: A–change is fun (who knew?!), B–more options exist than first met the eye, and C–we’ll, most likely, want to do it again!–with a new goal.

Ancient proverbs would have us think otherwise, however, regarding creating opportunity and many other things.

I tend to dislike these proverbs. They paint immovable, concrete images, impressing a singular rule, without a hint to an exception or alterior possibility.

And plenty of them are plain stupid:

“Opportunity knocks only once.”–most people are living testaments to the falseness of that one.
“Only men laugh, only men weep, only men dance.”–I think the feminists would have a bone to pick here.
“Pleasure is the bait of evil.”–depends on what kind of pleasure they’re referring to.

There’s plenty more, of course; but I’ve tired of arguing.

My point, though, has been proven.

No one should be able to control or hold rein over another person’s life. Nor should someone allow another that ability for dominance.

We all have incredible potential, and the naysayers can just pipe down, I say.