sleepy anger

January 28, 2010

When did not being a morning person become a get-out-of-jail-free card?

Go to bed early the night before, drink coffee in the morning, and deal with it. Life does not start at noon. Or 2:30. Unfortunately for most, life begins each day a lot earlier than that.

And no matter what you say, that is not an excuse for barking at your co-workers or endangering people’s lives by speeding or falling asleep at the wheel. It’s your body, your decision, yes? Well, when you ram me with your car or ruin my day by taking out all your sleep-deprived anger on me, it’s no longer just about you.

Same goes for alcohol-filled people who get behind the wheel. They may have been too impaired to make the decision to drive, and yet they set themselves up for the outcome of driving head-on into an innocent minivan. Their choice. Deal with the consequences. It’s a sad reality that uninvolved bystanders are forced to reap the consequences as well.