Everybody shouldn’t smell

November 13, 2009

The new color for the fall season is brown. Not the crisp, deep chocolate brown. No, the speckled crusty brown also termed dirt.

These thoughts and more ran through my mind as I gazed at the young boy behind the coffee counter this morning. Mussed bed head, sagging clothing, bags under the eyes and dirt under the fingernails. And that lingering aroma of fresh body odor.

Does anyone else find it disturbing that this person is making my latte? And he’s not just making mine, he’s making everyone else’s for the next hour. And in that time, he’ll pass along whatever else has taken up temporary residence on his fingers and arms since he rolled out of bed twenty minutes ago.

In connection with my previous post regarding the appearance of new technology and music trends, there has also popped up a new fashion fad. Some people might refer to it as a new type of lifestyle: the grunger. These are the individuals who do not own hair brushes, irons, mirrors or apparently soap. They laugh in the face of hygiene and scoff at those who comment on their radiating b.o., retorting that it’s their body, their right.

And it’s my right to protect my nose . . . and the beverage that will soon be entering my body.

I’m contemplating carrying extra tubes of deodorant and tossing them to smelly people. Kinda like a gift bag or a random act of kindness. It’s my body, my right to use my arm however it suits me. And if that means throwing a tube of deodorant at someone, why should I care how it affects them?