I kinda explained myself on my first post on my page. But I’ll repeat myself a little here.
I have a bachelors degree in Journalism. But I am not working completely in the field. Let’s just say, one of my jobs involves writing. So, with that said, I’m always brainstorming of ways to keep my writing skills alive and vibrant. A journal is a little too personal for me to use flowery synonyms and intelligent jargon. I don’t write stories or poems–don’t have a lot of time for that. But blogging . . . that sounded like an interesting thought to me. Now you’re probably wondering how I would have time to blog and not to write stories. Well basically, I am writing stories still, but they’re on my computer for the world to see instead of in some notebook in my house. And for some reason, that seems more attractive and easier to me. Go figure. And who am I kidding? Do I really think people will read my blog?! Probably not, but whatever works, right?!

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