Girls deal with a lot.

We have babies; we cook; we clean; we raise families; we put up with leering men; and we wake up every morning to stand in front of a mirror to become beautiful (It doesn’t just happen, you know.).

We also get to deal with the constant barrage of stereotypes.

Bad driver? Must be a woman putting on her mascara.

Angry customer? Can’t be anyone but a hormonal female at her time of the month.

Weepy friend? Surely a college girl crying over her one night stand.

Men may have mastered the ability to mask emotion, but they deal with them behind closed doors, you better believe it.

I’m slightly ashamed to say that many times I’ve reveled in hearing a boy mourn over a lost love or why a girl hasn’t called him.

Finally! Victory for mistreated, underappreciated women everywhere. We are not alone!

Daily, I watch the hormonal changes of the men in my home. Wondering, did everyone’s cycle hit at the same time this month?

Boys would rather die than cop to this truth. It’s an underground fact that everyone recognizes, yet will not speak about.

We may wish it were true; we close our eyes, hoping for a miracle, but men aren’t superheroes. They are emotional beings fighting with self-doubt and disappointments on a daily basis, like the other sex.

Sure, men are touted as level-headed, unemotional, steady and strong he-men. And, everyone knows, they sure want to be.

Women are pictured, no matter how often we show otherwise, as listless and fragile, who follow the whim of any strong character who glances in her direction.

Try as we might, the stereotype remains.