snow resiliency

February 17, 2011

The recent snowstorms forced many of us on vacation.

Not exactly what I had in mind when planning for some time off. I would rather spend my vacation time lying by the ocean. Others might prefer to traverse down a mountain in zero degree temperatures.

But trapped in our homes probably doesn’t top anyone’s list of preferences.

There’s exceptions to everything, and everyone, of course.

The majority of us, however, were clawing at the walls, knocking down doors and frantically shoveling our driveways before the sky could dump its second helping upon us.

A day after the second storm, cars were pushing through the powder; plows were erasing the evidence; life was finding a way. We were ready for that snow; it wasn’t going to keep us down.

There’s nothing like a week of home imprisonment to bring out the best in humankind. We are more forgiving, more patient, even helpful–just happy to be outside, to be mobile. I don’t think I’ve ever bounded so eagerly into the gym before.

But don’t worry, it, as all things, will pass.