the tale of the moneymakers

November 25, 2010

Let’s admit it. Nothing anyone says is original anymore. “There is nothing new under the sun,” as the old addage goes.

Tired storylines are recycled again and again. (The farther I go back in my search for good movies, the more I find that to be true.) Hair and clothing styles of earlier decades return for seconds. Musical arrangements and beats fade in and out of popularity.

Yes, barring the constant progression and innovation of science and technology, even the general human being finds him/herself at a loss for an original thought many times.

And yet, what I find most astounding is how any person of seeming prominence can utter a commonplace statement, such as I really appreciate that the grass is green, and the whole world stops and stares. It could be, I suppose, that everyone is gaping in amazement at this person’s ability to put together a complete sentence. Or maybe they are thinking, Wow, I never thought about that! Either way, the fact remains that the statement couldn’t be less imaginative; I’m sure the homeless people who spend their summer evenings sprawled out on the lawn have shared similar sentiments. As have the retirees admiring the landscape as they fly in from a weekend with the grandchildren. But, being that the person saying it brings in $50 million a year or “has the voice of an angel,” nothing they say is ever questioned.

Garth Brooks commented on a talk show that he talked to his daughters about boys recently. Oh, hold on. Take a breath here, Garth, while your host and audience share a rip-roaring laugh. Because who in the world ever knew that celebrities talk to their kids? And about boys?! I mean, that’s so average.

Once the talk show host recovered from her starstruck astonishment, Garth proceeded to take us word-by-word through his conversation. And there wasn’t a breath to be heard in all the studio.

Please, let me hear Garth’s girl-power statements about being true to yourself and not giving it up. Because, after all, this is completely new information.

And he certainly is an authority on the matter. I mean, he’s a musician.

My inevitable conclusion: Maybe when the world stops treating celebrities, and anyone touting an over-seven-figure income, as if they are gods, then they will be forced to use their brains.


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