malleable trick-or-treaters

November 1, 2010

It just isn’t Halloween without a few smashed pumpkins in the street.

Two grown adults walked into a Starbucks days before Halloween dressed as a mummy and a grim reaper. Children lined the streets of Brookside and downtown Tulsa on Saturday as ballerinas and devils in order to hear “Awwww how sweet” and to add to their cavities. Maybe Tulsa should host more events featuring free candy and decorated children. That should give a boost to our downtown.

After all, Halloween is just about make believe and fun.

So says the witch hanging from a rope next door and the gravestones and skeletons haunting the yards one street over. It’s natural to feel fearful and repulsed by these images. Observe any child going through their first Halloween. It’s the much wiser, celebrating adults that say it’s normal. Torture, hauntings, murder, glorification of death. And I’m weird if I don’t like these things?

Remind me again, why do we smash pumpkins and vandalize on this ancient holiday? Is it our way of rebelling against societal norms in a “safe,” non-illegal way? Do children find it thrilling? Is it their first act of vandalism on their way to a life of law obstruction?

Yes, Halloween obviously is a very harmless day of celebration. Don’t worry about the meaning behind the day or the images glorified by celebrities, religion, the average Joe down the street.

There’s nothing creepy about children and adults garnishing knives, dripping blood–er, I mean, ketchup, wearing demon masks, pretending to be zombies.

On any other day of the year, we would hear, “Hide the children!,” but on this special day they say, “Bring on the impressionable kiddos.”


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