hope and defiance

September 8, 2010

Admittedly or not, consciously or unconsciously, most humans like change.

For example, the seasons.

As much as we may enjoy our current season–cough, fall (who doesn’t love fall?)–by the time it comes to its end, we are eagerly peering ahead to the upcoming climate rotation.

Because humans are innate adapters.

Some would give credit to our believed evolutionary roots; I, however, recognize the higher power who deserves the honor.

How come we are so begrudging to believe that an intelligent being is responsible for our existence and for everything around us? All of creation points to that conclusion, after all.

Humans have always been adaptable–through difficult, depressing times such as the Dark Ages, Spanish Inquisition, Trail of Tears, the pioneer days of covered wagons, all-out government tyrannies.

Through it all, the human spirit survives; we were created with the will to defy odds, even if they’re stacked against us–not just to continue working through a situation like an animal with no thought as to the source of its oppression nor of its end but as reasoning, hopeful creatures that can look to the future and focus on their inevitable relief.

It’s a beautiful quality: hope. And I don’t doubt that even in the dark days of the future that are sure to come around again some day, humans will defy all reason and continue to hope.


One Response to “hope and defiance”

  1. rubyred44 said

    couldn’t agree more, beautifully put 🙂

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