why must we eat so?

September 4, 2010

When I have conversations with the general public about calories and carbs I literally feel like I am suffocating in a room filled with seafoam–that I am physically grasping at my throat and making choking sounds, but no one even looks up.

I had another one of these debilitating discussions this past week. A woman at my local coffee shop used to regularly (by that, I mean every day) purchase a large sugar-free, nonfat latte (espresso, sugar and milk); lately, though, she’s made the switch to americanos (espresso and water) with a sugar-free syrup added for taste and no milk.

We started conversing about her reasons for the switch; she replied that she’s on a non-dairy, calorie-counting diet and that, although she didn’t quite enjoy her sugar-free americanos, it fit the requirements.

Then, I made the suggestion that she use raw sugar in place of her splenda-filled sugar substitute, as a fresh, new flavor without the icky chemical aftertaste.

She responded by looking me over with a steely–and slightly confused–gaze, as if I had absolutely no place in this conversation because I so obviously lacked any understanding of the no-calorie-goes-unpunished mindset.

And that is a fact I am quite certain I will always hang my hat on. Excuse me for thinking about your body’s well-being as opposed to the measly 70 calories you will add to your daily intake by consumiing something that actually comes from the earth instead of a science lab.

And then, that got me thinking about the fad diets and various shortcuts we all succumb to in order to reach for a dream that our society proliferates.

Then, we’re surprised when we don’t succeed, after a week of slight, and very often misguided, efforts of skipping meals, eating on the go and saving calories for drinks at happy hour.

For instance, spend ten minutes outside of QuikTrip, McDonald’s or any fast food establishment and take stock of the body types coming and going.

Just think, that is what you could look like in five years. What a prospect!

I’m willing to bet that the liver and kidneys of anyone following a fast food diet shares a very similar look to that of the obese woman waddling out of QT, clutching her bear claw and a 64-ounce Diet Pepsi.

Side comment: 64 ounces of anything just isn’t good.


One Response to “why must we eat so?”

  1. rubyred44 said

    yes!!! i am not by any means where i need to be on the healthy eating/lifestyle spectrum, but i completely agree w/your logic!! INSTANT DEATH TO ALL FAD DIETS AND FOOD IGNORANCE!!! and i love your last sentence, why can’t ppl just stop and think!

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