life is what we make it

August 25, 2010

I am preparing to begin a story about a young graduate student. Her story is just like the next girl’s, except that hers involves a few more struggles.

She moved here from India six years ago; she’s also a burn victim and has the scars to prove it.

Yet, instead of allowing those scars to hold her back, she has used this possibly debilitating experience to springboard her into a fulfilling life and career that she holds close to her heart–recuperating burn victims.

It’s always inspiring to hear about people who deal with traumatic events and take the less traveled route of conquering them rather than being conquered. These individuals represent strength and a deep amount of self worth and motivation that many admire, feeling as though they could never measure up to that.

It’s true that most of us will never experience a shooting spree, lose a limb, be thrown from a burning vehicle, be kidnapped, lose a child, etc.

But many of us will cope with divorce, be disappointed by a loved one, lose our job, get cancer.

What will we do when that happens?

These stories of coping with seemingly insurmountable obstacles can not only inspire us but also incite us to action. They can help us to see that if they can cope with their trial, we can cope with ours.

Life is too short and too precious to throw it away–under any circumstances.

Sadly, some of us are too quick to do that.


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