the perfect companion

July 30, 2010

the paper pile growing higher on my desk
stress circling like a rubber band
the end slowly approaching

hours later:
keys in my hand
brake lights surrounding me
then, my sanctuary appears
a breath of relief

the jingle of my keys
the turning door handle
I can already sense the frenzy:

rattling picture frames
trembling walls
clattering footsteps on the newly polished floor

i barely set my briefcase down
before the avalanche appears

a flurry of fur in my face
affectionate barks of unrestrained glee
the friendly wet nose
a slobbering tongue of delight

he greets me

my anger, worries, loneliness wash away
and leave me with his happy yelps and loyal kisses

my horrible day erased
replaced with his unconditional love


One Response to “the perfect companion”

  1. rubyred44 said

    i thought abby was a girl…lol

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