the capability that the iPhone 4 is not capable of

July 27, 2010

The mania surrounding the unveiling of the new iPhone was short-lived this time around due to the numerous complaints that arose all too soon after its arrival.

Never being one to buy the first thing of anything, I found myself feeling grateful once again for another sidestep of a possibly unfortunate and annoying purchase–as if I had the ability to purchase a new iPhone anyways . . . but that’s beside the point.

I was listening to an NPR story the other day that discussed this happening. A man was chronicling the events and how Apple was responding. He then made an interesting comment: that most people don’t purchase the iPhone for its phone-calling-and-receiving capabilities.

No, I’m sure businesspeople are never conducting important business calls on their iPhones. And I’m sure that the everyday people who carry on important telephone conversations don’t mind at all when their calls are abruptly ended, and they lose reception.

It’s an incredible feat that technology has accomplished: enticing us to drool over the latest invention which does not even accomplish the task it is thought to have been created for.


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