cat rules

June 3, 2010

Cats have a way of making a person feel either very special or entirely nonexistent.

Over the centuries, they have fought the beast of friendliness and won with the aid of withering stares, fear-inciting hisses, hermit-like isolation. Felines have cemented their solitary place in history and the present day. They have lived their lives through listless observation, content to view from the sidelines atop their lofty throne, be it a bed or coffee table—seemingly immune to adoration or more tasty rewards.

It is of note, however, that some cats have chosen to divert from their heritage. These so-called rebels have adopted somewhat canine characteristics. Rubbing against legs, pleading for a caress or scratch from a kind stranger. Throwing themselves to the floor, tummy to the ceiling, flashing those magnificent eyes.

Many feline owners have found that once they penetrate their pet’s disinterested exterior, they are quite surprised as to what lay beneath the surface. It all becomes a game of chance. Has my cat already bared his soul? Or will a secretive need for companionship suddenly arise? Are the dog-like tendencies feared by all cat-lovers about to appear once my cat discovers that I am hopelessly wrapped around his tiny, fluffy paw?

One can only wait. And discover.


One Response to “cat rules”

  1. rubyred44 said

    all too true. i sat holding my purring kitten in one hand and petting it w/the other for about 15 minutes loving everything about its cute little self, then, next thing i know its got me doing a half indian half yoge position on my chair so i do not get my ankles bitten off

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