Death by Truck

February 28, 2010

Cars drive fast.

It doesn’t matter where we are: the highway, a school zone, meandering down a country road, a neighborhood, a regular city street.

Or the conditions: sleet, snow, a hard rain.

It doesn’t change the fact that the guy behind you has to get where he’s going now!

If severe weather hazards can’t stop him, nothing can.

This same outlook goes for truckers.

No matter their size–be it heavy duty big rigs with a dozen wheels spanning the width of your car, tow trucks carrying eight cars on its back, all of them swaying with each bump in the road, or those hauling flammable liquids, that, if toppled, could potentially kill everyone in its path.

That’s not enough to stop them.

They will eagerly and willingly careen down the highway, zipping in and out of traffic as if they are a five-speed, lighter-than-a-feather sports car.

But the problem here is . . . they’re . . . not.

You wanna break the news to them, or should I?

We all know that our city’s broke.

If I were a police officer trying to help my city accumulate funds, my first plan of action would be to stop every semi, write mind-numbingly expensive tickets, and tell the shocked truckers that when they can prove to me their ability to bring their 70-mile-an-hour bullet to a stop in a few feet, instead of a few miles, I will gladly cancel their ticket.

Until then, every time they want to endanger thousands of lives while swerving in and out of traffic at high speeds, I will make sure their heads spin.

Sigh. A girl can dream, right?


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