b-ball babies

February 28, 2010

I spent one afternoon sitting in the student section at a college basketball game.

It was fun . . . at first:

I could deal with the fact that we were losing–it’s a reality of life we all must come to grips with. But the students on the other hand, the students I could not deal with.

I came about an inch away from throwing my half-eaten hot dog at a saxaphone player in the band who would not stop heckling the opposing team. Why? Well, because they were beating our team, of course.

I mean, what other reason is needed to mock and scream unceasingly at another human being solely for the reason that he chose to go to a school other than yours, probably for the simple fact that he was born in a different area than you, which is totally under his control.

It makes me feel all warm inside to think that these beautiful young people will one day procreate and breed screaming, prejudiced offspring of their own.

And then I began to notice that the students weren’t the only tongue-wagging offenders in the arena.

So I guess things never really change, do they?

They say, high school is a picture of real life. The cliques, the peer pressure, the gossip. Anyone who works in an office can attest to that.

Add to that, the nationalistic prejudice breeded into us from pre-school on with the national anthem, the academic snobbery of college, and the religious close-mindedness of adulthood.

No wonder the world is a scary place.


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