traffic violations

February 20, 2010

Emergency vehicles serve a very large, very important need.

They help people in life-threatening situations.

I’m gonna venture to say that EMT’s don’t under normal circumstances use the bright lights and screaming sirens for fun. But that’s just a guess.

It could be that someone on their crew is having an intense sugar attack and really, really needs a donut.

Or maybe someone forgot to mail his utility bill, and his roommate is going to kill him if their lights get turned off again.

I mean all those reasons are valid right?

That must be what drivers are assuming when they fail to move out of the way.

Surely, they aren’t going anywhere that important.

Or my favorite: the people who speed behind an ambulance as everyone in front of the vehicle is forced to move to the side. Perfect way of pushing past everyone to get in that number one spot.

But where does this gutsiness come from?

Being in a car gives off a weird sensation of anonimity. Almost like wearing a mask. But funny thing about those masks: they come off. Same thing as a car, open the car door and the mask disappears.

More people need to reach this realization.

Because surely most individuals would not do half the things they’ll do in traffic if they were not wearing their “mask,” but simply in the grocery store.

Someone cuts you off in the supermarket line, you might roll your eyes or sigh as if tremendously inconvenienced, but most people would just get in another line. Or meekly trail behind the intruder.

In traffic, however, honking, tailgating and possible obscenities are usually involved.

Because, as we all know, that always solves the problem.


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