Weekend Lover

February 10, 2010

Back in elementary school, I remember these t-shirts that said “Gymnastics is life; soccer is life; dance is life;” etc. All the kids wore them, touting their favorite after-school activity.

Today, I have come to the conclusion that those same sentiments can be attributed to most adults and teenagers alike. Just erase the given hobby and replace with “weekends.”

It’s pretty obvious that people live for the weekends. Our whole society propogates that ideal. Beer commercials. Billboards. Magazine ads.

Because I spend a significant amount of time serving coffee each week to those sad souls headed to work, I find plenty of time for reflection. Listening to them you’d think they were headed to the guillotine, instead of an office desk.

Our quick coffee conversations consist mostly of parting grunts:
Ugh, It’s Monday.
Tired, need coffee.
Back to the grind.
Friday’s almost here.
Week’s halfway over.

I don’t know about you, but something doesn’t feel right about living for two days of every week. It feels more like settling. And I don’t settle.

But if I did, living for two days a week means that instead of enjoying 365 days each year, I would enjoy 104.

Logically, then, I wonder, why does work have to be such a drudgery?

Now, I understand that some jobs just can’t be turned into an enjoyable experience. Working in a call center, for instance. For me, there’s nothing that sounds more gloomy. But then again, for others, especially the sunny, cup’s-always-half-full type people, calming down irate customers all day long does not seem so depressing.

The key, then, is finding the job that’s right for you. Not for your parents or your spouse but for you.

Not settling for what’s easiest or most convenient or safest but searching and finding what’s most fulfilling.


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