It’s a Hard Knock Life

January 28, 2010

Adults have it rough.

We deal with mortgages, job stress, family anxiety, relationship struggles, money issues, car repairs, home maintenance, national crises, weather catastrophes, etc.

So therefore, treating our world and fellow humans as doormats is fine! . . . Right . . . ?

Of course, of course, we tell ourselves.

It’s just too much to deal with on a daily basis: trying to find a trash can every time I want to throw something away; restraining myself from yelling at the barista because they don’t have caramel syrup; making a vomitous hacking noise very similar to a feline as I spit my inside liquids all over the ground in pure sight of everyone around me; letting my dog whine and starve to death on my back patio for the neighbors to watch in agony; giving the guy driving behind me a piece of my mind at the stoplight because he needs to be put in his place.

Like so many things, decency is a fossil of the past. Now, it’s only to be paraded around occasionally as a tribute to our roots. And then, all too quickly shoved away again into the closet as a cute naivete from the past.


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