Calories be gone

January 14, 2010

I love how humans live their lives as if they are too good for consequences.

We talk on the phone while maneuvering our car through traffic, arrive home late from work every night, speed through McDonald’s drive-thru for lunch while on a conference call and consume caramel frappuccinos and donuts for breakfast. In these scenarios, there are definite consequences to be had: automobile accidents, strained or non-existent family relationships, and obesity and early death, respectively. It’s not a question of if these will happen but when.

My daughter is pregnant at 15! How could this happen, when I spend all of five minutes a day talking to her over the drone of the television and every weekend shuttling her back and forth to her mother’s house? That’s plenty of time to create a firm and lasting, trustful relationship.

Or how about the phenomenon known as artificial sweeteners? No one seems to notice or want to acknowledge that cancer’s entrance into the everyday human vernacular hauntingly coincides with our nation’s artificial sugar obsession.

In my line of work, I hear more than once per day orders for white mocha lattes with extra whipped cream, ten Splendas and nonfat milk. Because those artificial pesticides and fat free milk make the guilt and calories all but disappear. Who cares what it’s doing to my insides as long as I look good on the outside.

I know what you’re thinking. Proof, where’s the proof? Well, there is none. These small death packets have not been directly linked to cancer, nor will they ever be if sugar substitute corporations have anything to do with it.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need to wait for a corporation or legal entity to tell me what I can already deduce from the sickly culture around me. All I know is whatever they’re doing, I will walk the other way.

Maybe it’s a fault of mine that I am not a very trusting soul. But until studies are created and completed to prove that sugar substitues do nothing to obliterate my insides, I’ll stick to the natural stuff created and intended for my consumption.

Because as far as I know, sickness and death, and doctors and insurance companies, don’t take well to claims of ignorance. So I’m gonna do all that I can to keep myself out of their grip.


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