now showing: “the Everyday Celebrity”

December 22, 2009

Another sign that Hollywood’s ideas machine is creeping to a stop:

In the current television landscape of reality stars and slapstick, nauseating entertainment, which call for zero need for talent of any kind, the category of “celebrity” has grown to encompass every person and their dog that just happen to reside in Hollywood.

Let’s reflect for example on the new reality show about Giuliana DePandi-Rancic, host of E! News. I’m sure she’s a nice lady, but now we’re airing shows about the lives of people who are already on tv giving us celebrity gossip?? Who came up with that idea? And of course, Jessica Simpson also comes to mind who, although having some semblance of a talent, could hardly get her fame off the ground until she signed a reality deal displaying her inability to operate a dishwasher or to understand where tuna comes from.

Hollywood has always been about the money, that’s nothing new. But there was a time when being an actor meant something. It was a special club that a person had to work long and hard to gain admitance to. It may not have always been fair, but being in “the club” stood for something. It meant you had enormous talent.

Not that we don’t have high-caliber actors today. But really, what need do we have for a lot of extraordinary actors? Actors who want to stretch beyond their limits.

What movies even require that? The Hangover? Not unless you count faking drunkenness as talent.

Why is the movie landscape so depressing? Because even with the advent of the Internet, handheld supercomputers and new scientific discoveries, humans are digressing. Technology is moving forward; humans are stepping backwards.

Interestingly, the New York Times noted that even in a recession, this year proved more profitable than previous years for the movie industry. So, many thanks goes out for a year of sequels and used ideas, drunken revelries and violence glorification. Here’s to another great year.


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