Fame–the root of all Evil?

December 4, 2009

People of influence–be it sports stars, singers, political figures or actors–have over the years built up a permanent residence in a fictitious town filled with carbon copies of themselves: egotistical, self-serving, limelight-loving narcisists. So forgive me if I, once again, am not shocked by the rumors of Josh Duhamel or, much more recently, Tiger Woods cheating on their beautiful, seemingly loving wives.

I can’t help but question what these men were thinking. They use technology like the rest of us–probably more so. They are not dumb. They are not ignorant 12 year olds. Yet, they don’t acknowledge the fact that everything they do can be tracked. Phone calls, e-mails, text messages and not to mention their every move, thanks to the sniveling men who make their livelihood on feeding the growing population that gains sustenance from the daily goings-on of celebrities: what they wore to dinner, their struggle to lose their baby weight, or how they felt when their mother died.

Did it not dawn on 33-year-old Tiger Woods, father of 2, winner of over 12 national titles, that text messages, although able to be erased from a phone, are never truly erased? They are called records for a reason. There are supercomputers that track and permanently record every phone call, every text conversation. And don’t you think that Elin, famous supermodel and wife to arguably one of the most powerful men in sports, can more so than most of us be assured of gaining access to that super-secret data?

Question is, does Hollywood and public figures everywhere assume that they are so powerful, so all-knowing, so god-like that they are immune to the consequences of their actions? That they are so beloved and worshipped that people won’t probe into their private lives, regardless of how juicy or damaging the story may be. They must surely live in a constant dreamlike state that tells them that they and their money rule the world. And, regretfully, previous life experience has taught them that.

But money does not rule all. And loyalties run very shallow in a world looking for the next dollar and the next story. Where people are just waiting for those to fall from their lofty throne.

Tiger Woods is now reaping the rewards of his tumble.


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