Customer service–A dying art

November 12, 2009

With the economy limping along at a tortoise pace and consumers’ pocketbooks closed tighter than ever and the holiday season staring us down, stores of all kind should be beating people over their heads with kindness to lure them in to buy. And yet, day after day, my theory is proven wrong. I find more self-involved store owners, aloof employees and an overall don’t-care attitude hovering over me in these amazingly overly expensive shops.

Do they really expect that by not greeting me for ten minutes after I walk through their doors, when they finally privilege me with their acknowledgment, I will hand over my money? When did this too-cool-for-customer-service attitude come about?

Probably with the evolution of iPods and emo rock and skinny jeans and the general “what’s in it for me” viewpoint of our newest generation of just adorable young adults.

But are they really to blame?

Of course not. Because if it were only them, we could easily become responsible parents and send them to their rooms without dinner to think about what they’ve done. Or at least, that’s what June Cleaver would have done. We, the adults, the supposed mature ones, have become infected as well.

Did technology cause this? Or maybe the ease of accessibility to absolutely everything in the free world? The ability to get whatever you want, whenever you want it? The replacing of intelligent conversation with constant scrutiny and idolization of celebrities? The me-first mindset, giving way to road rage?

June Cleaver would be appalled.


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